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Cascade and Canyon

No Rain Dangles | sonoran gem

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You know what they say -- no rain, no flowers.
A remix! A variation! My favorite!
Sometimes ya just have to go through it to get to the good (even though I personally love the rain). A reminder that there's good stuff just around the bend. As always, top it off with some fringe! These earrings are on the lighter side, yet durable, fulllllll of delicate detail, and are ready to dress up your everyday and your adventures. 

⊹ sonoran gem turquoise
⊹ ear wires
⊹ earrings have cascade and canyon makers marks on the back
⊹ made entirely with sterling silver (.925) and jeweler's brass
⊹ due to the entirely handcrafted nature of this product, it is one of a kind and may have small imperfections.