Shop Updates & How They Work

How do your shop updates work?

I release my jewelry and cyanotypes in separate, small batches and try my best to have a small batch update every month or so for each.

I will announce a shop update day and time and then release all of the finished, one of a kind pieces I have been working on at that announced time, right here on cascadeandcanyon.com.

How do I see the prices of everything before a shop update?

Unfortunately, I do not calculate my prices until I make my website product listings, which happens about a day before my shop update.

If you have any questions about pricing for specific pieces, I’d be happy to give you a broad estimate off the top of my head! Please note that I may not be able to reply to everyone/in time for my update & that this estimate is not set in stone and can change.

You can also check out my ARCHIVES page to see previous pieces that have sold to get a frame of reference for my pricing!

Day-Of Shop Update Tips

*Please note that adding an item to your cart will NOT save it for you*

- I recommend checking out immediately in order to be able to purchase the piece you have your eye on, and then checking out separately for any additional piece(s). I always refund any extra shipping if need be!

- I recommend heading to my website a few minutes prior to shop update time and having an account made with your checkout (address, payment method) saved or checking out with PayPal/Apple Pay/Google Pay/AfterPay/Shop Pay/etc in order to expedite the check out process.

Can I pre-order or reserve an item before a shop update?

In order to give everyone a fair chance at being able to purchase what they have their eye on, I do not do pre-orders or reservations.

Your website does not have any products showing/available, how do I purchase something?

If there are no products showing on my website, this means that everything is sold out. Keep an eye out for my next small batch shop update :)

Can I place a custom order?

Unfortunately, my customs are currently closed, but they will open based on my availability in the future.  Follow along with me on Instagram for any future updates about customs!

Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Returns

Check out the policy here!

Materials & Sizing

I want to buy a ring, but it's not in my size. Can I get it resized?

Unfortunately, I am not able to accomodate any ring resizing.

Turquoise is a very heat sensitive stone and I cannot resize ring bands without using heat, so the entire ring would have to be taken apart and remade.

Materials Used - Jewelry

All Cascade and Canyon jewelry pieces are entirely handmade with sterling silver (.925) and various types of high quality turquoise and other minerals or stones.

If another type of metal is used (such as jeweler's brass), it will be noted.

Materials Used - Cyanotype Wearables

Cascade and Canyon cyanotype pieces are washed prior to me printing on them. The fabric of each specific piece will be listed in the product listing!

The cyanotype chemicals I use to print my designs are non-toxic and do not present any health or safety concerns. All excess cyanotype solution is thoroughly washed out prior to drying, selling, and shipping out :)

General Jewelry Sizing

All of my jewelry product listenings will contain ring sizes, necklace lengths, earring lengths, and cuff lengths. The rings, earrings and necklaces will vary, but my cuff lengths are always 5.75" long unless otherwise noted.

I post previews on my Instagram stories prior to my shop update that contain sizes as well.

General Cyanotype Wearables Sizing

I include chest, shoulder, arm, and back measurements of clothing, as well as the size on the label if it is there. Measurements are listed in the product listing, as well as in my Instagram story previews prior to a shop update.