Hi there! I’m Taylor, the one-woman-show here at Cascade and Canyon. I live in beautiful Seattle, where the mountains meet the sea. I handcraft everything here at Cascade and Canyon from my home studio, where I am surrounded by the beauty that inspires me here in the PNW. With the support of my husband and our two pups, I’m able to pour my passion for nature and adventure into my work.

When I’m not in the studio, you can find me exploring the Pacific Northwest, trying new beers, going to farmers markets, spending time on a lake kayaking, watching sunsets, taking a nap, learning something new, reading a book, somewhere on or near a mountain hiking, or near some water. 



The work I create is fully influenced by the beauty that surrounds me in the Pacific Northwest, my previous work as a wedding florist, my love of public lands and the great outdoors, and connections I find in and with nature.

Each piece is slowly crafted with the fullest intention—no detail left unnoticed or untouched. 



Cascade and Canyon is founded with a deep love for the Pacific Northwest, where I spent the majority of my time growing up and where I now call home, where I find endless inspiration in the rugged beauty of the North Cascades (hence the “Cascade” of Cascade and Canyon). This love extends to the Southwest as well, where I’ve spent significant time, and even got married (hence the “Canyon” of Cascade and Canyon). 

The name Cascade and Canyon is an ode to both of these places that have shaped my identity, that inspire me in daily life and in my work endlessly. 

I strive to capture the essence of these places and things in these places that inspire me in my work: the landscapes, the people, the memories, the flora & fauna, the life lived. 


Handcrafted jewelry inspired by the tops of mountains, the bottoms of canyons, and everything in between.