TAYLOR GLENDENNING is an artist living in Seattle, Washington, working in the metalsmithing and the cyanotype printing mediums.  

Taylor spends her time with her husband Ryan, who she met in college, and her two golden retrievers, who are her world. She loves naps, flowers, rain, hiking, sunsets, trying new beers, farmers markets, trashy reality TV, playing candy crush, spending time outdoors, and going to thrift stores to look at stuff.

She draws her inspiration for her work from all of the beauty that surrounds her in the Pacific Northwest, her previous experience as a wedding florist, her love of public lands and the great outdoors, and connections she finds in and with nature.  

Taylor started Cascade and Canyon in August of 2020 after learning how to metalsmith during quarantine in May 2020 after dropping out of grad school and deciding to try something outside of her comfort zone.

As she continued to make, learn, grow, and hone her metalsmithing skills, she grew Cascade and Canyon and decided to quit her wedding florist job and metalsmith full-time in May 2021. As they say, the rest was history!

As Taylor delved deeper into metalsmithing and her own creativity, she explored the process of cyanotype printing on clothing and became enamored with upcycling clothing and giving it a second life.

Cyanotype printing and metalsmithing soon developed a (mutualism) symbiotic relationship for each other, where both mediums benefit each other. Her work in jewelry inspires and challenges her work in cyanotypes, and vice versa.