Here are some previous pieces and designs that have sold, to give a frame of reference for my price ranges.

To also give y'all a frame of reference and some insight into this part of my process -- because I value transparency and I'm sure you all do too :) -- these are a few, not all, of the factors that go into my pricing:

⊹ Cost of stones. All stones cost different amounts, depending on type of stone, grade (quality), carat weight, etc. The amount of stones used in a piece will also affect the price.

⊹ Cost of metal. The cost of silver fluctuates daily, so one month you may see virtually the same piece with the same stones at a different price than the previous month.

⊹ An hourly wage! I pay myself an hourly wage to account for the labor that I do. I track the hours worked put into each piece & this is calculated into the final price of the piece. I assess my hourly wage occasionally and it’s based on my knowledge, skills, & experience of this craft.

⊹ Complexity of the piece.

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