Cascade and Canyon

Rising Range Cuff #1

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Appreciate the mountains with this Rising Range Cuff!

Crafted with Cascade and Canyon's signature textures and style, this cuff is a perfect homage to nature's beauty and will remind you of the outdoors each time you wear it.

⊹ approx 5.75" with a 1" gap
made to be slightly* adjustable
⊹ made entirely with sterling silver (.925) with a jeweler's brass sun
⊹ due to the entirely handcrafted nature of this product, it is one of a kind and may have small imperfections.
⊹ Please note that cuff bracelets require proper care when taking them on and off. You don't want to bend the cuff every time it is put on or taken off, as this will lead to it eventually breaking. 

⊹ Here is a great video for how to correctly put on a cuff bracelet: