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Cascade and Canyon

Grand Teton Topo | Vintage Levi Jacket | Size L


This secondhand vintage Levi denim jacket features a cyanotype print of a topographic map of Grand Teton and prints of real, pressed florals & plants. These include: sword ferns, poppies, lupine.

Please note that as this is a secondhand and upcycled item, it may have small imperfections from use in a previous life. Any major marks will be noted with photos. Please also note that as cyanotype printing is a handcrafted art, and due to the nature of handcrafted art, it may contain small imperfections as well.

Brand: Levi

Label size: Large

Jacket measurements are:

Shoulders - 22.5"
Back - 25"
1/2 Chest - 24.5"
Sleeve length -  22"


Taking care of a cyanotype print requires unique care in order to preserve its color, contrast, and brightness. 

- Limit washing at all. If you need to wash, hand wash in COLD water only, hang to dry.   If you must use soap, use a non-phosphate detergent. I use Foca Phosphate-Free Laundry Detergent.

 If your washing machine has a spin-only cycle, spin out the excess water in this cycle to get the piece of clothing as dry as possible without using any heat.

- Sweat and hand oils may cause discoloration.

 - Cyanotype prints are archival, meaning they are meant to last for years (50-100+ years.) However, yellowing or fading may occur if prints are exposed to phosphates, high pH solutions, baking soda, washing soda, bleach, or alkalines.

 - Cyanotypes can also fade due to strong, direct, long sunlight exposure (basically, don’t leave your prints outside in the direct sun for days or weeks and you should be fine).

 - If you find yourself having to wash your jacket more frequently, soaking your jacket or item in cold water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide diluted in it can help bring a pop of life back into the print. Please wring out the water as much as possible and hang to dry.